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Things to consider for Android Development in 2018

Android has been a major success in the field of mobile OS ever since its launch. Today, it is the most used mobile OS program in the market and is not going to stop just there. Google has recently launched its latest Oreo update and is all set to release the next Android version (Android P) in 2018.

Meanwhile, Android developers and companies are working hard to keep their development procedures up to date to fit the evolving requirements of the users of Android-powered devices. Android app development is one of the most successful industries in today’s market and will continue to be in the coming future. Here’s is how you can refresh your Android development techniques for the coming year.

Note: As per a market research report, more than 70 percent of the smartphones today are based on the Android operating system.

Whether you are a business looking for a reliable Android development company for your next project or an Android developer looking to brush up your development strategy, these tips can help you.

Android app trends for 2018

The following types of apps will be trending in the next year and so.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Apps
  • Mobile Payments and Wallet Apps
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • On-Demand (Service) Apps
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Apps
  • Cloud-based Apps
  • Hybrid and BYOD enterprise apps
  • Application Security
  • Android Instant Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chat Apps

Tip for Android App Development 2018


Research is and will always be one of the most important things in any development project. You should understand the market, user demands and industry trends before you start the actual Android development. Here are some tips for the same:

  1. Explore other apps in the same market/industry and find out their pros and cons
  2. Research the customer, ask for reviews to get an insight of their like and dislikes and what they want in the application.
  3. Listen to user input before, during and after the launch of the application
  4. Figure out how you can make your app unique and different from other existing apps providing the same services.
Be Efficient

Make sure that your app is optimized to provide the maximum efficiency in whatever service it provides. Again, research is going to be a very important step for this. You must know your target audience and build your app around them.
  • Optimize the size and speed of your mobile app for target devices
  • Avoid using unwanted space or data on user’s mobile phones
  • Focus on providing a rich user experience
  • Optimize your app for things like network efficiency, render times, video frames speed, cross-app interactions, etc.

Budget Management

While developing a future-oriented app, you should also keep your (or client’s) app budget in mind. This should be implemented in the planning phase. The kind of app you will develop, app size, features and applicability will depend largely on how much you are willing to invest.

When deciding on app investment, be sure to do proper research to find out the market demand and extensibility of the app you wish you create. You’ll need to arrange money for the development as well as for the maintenance of your app, until your application starts making money for you.

Work on User Experience

Providing a great user experience should be the first purpose of any mobile application. When hiring an Android app developer for your project, be sure to ask about the things they can do to improve the experience of app users. This may include -

  • Research to gain an insight of the target user
  • Developing an app that is easy to use
  • Having an interactive app interface
  • Optimizing the speed and loading time of the app
  • Having a proper system for customer help and support


Any development process is incomplete without proper testing. When you are building an Android mobile application, you must test everything at every phase. Testing will show you the things that need improvement. The real testing begins not when the app is complete but from the very start of the development process.

Make sure to have a thorough and real-time testing system in place, where you can test your app in real environments with real people for every kind of thing.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Become a Professional Android Developer

Building up a great android application isn't a simple errand (neither incomprehensible) particularly on the off chance that you have little or no group. It requires numerous abilities and gifts, for example, coding, outlining sense, music sense, advertising aptitudes and rundown goes on. You need to watch out for wherever since the absence of any perspective can bring about poor reaction shape clients (which is the exact opposite thing an android developer need).

As of late I have built up an Android game (Fruiteria) in my extra time and propelled it as of late on Google play store (see interface toward the finish of this post). It took me around 74 days to manufacture it starting with no outside help. It was a testing undertaking, however, I took in a great deal from my experience. I might want to impart my experience to you today!

How about we examine what are the things one ought to never keep away from while developing application:

1. Idea and usage of utilization 

As I said above, there are numerous perspectives to application improvement. In any case, regardless of what you do, You won't be effective by offering low quality application. Along these lines, first thing everybody should consider is a decent idea. Your idea can rely upon your objectives, for example, business promoting, social work, advertising or essentially profiting! Likewise, having a decent idea on paper is a certain something however it's execution require persistence and steady endeavors. In the event that you have a pleasant idea and ability to place endeavors into it, at that point think of you as are as of now at the midway!

2. Develop your idea with time 

Second point I might want to specify is make an effort not to be unshakable!! In the event that you feel that you have the best idea on the planet, however the world thinks the other way, at that point you are stuck in an unfortunate situation. After all you are building the application for individuals. Take proposals from clients and your companions to change and develop application idea. Trust me, it works like enchantment!

3. Research 

Before building your application, attempt to do some exploration on what is the market for your application, who are the rivals in the market and why they are fruitful (or unsuccessful), who are your intended interest group and what do they precisely need. Taking a shot at such things will give you a superior thought on what should be done precisely.

4. Advertising 

This one is precarious! On the off chance that you are an individual, or a little organization with no capital, at that point it is difficult to put much cash in advertising. Particularly when there are now mammoth organizations present as your rivals. Be that as it may, that isn't the end! Consider inventive approaches to make your application well known. For instance, Give it to your companions to utilize, and instruct them to spread it. In the event that you are in school, at that point support a little occasion in return of use attention which won't require much cash. Make markdown coupons and appropriate them. Generally, do each and every piece of thing that you can. You won't not see the impact on first sight, but rather after some time it will collect on vast scale.

5. Stay in contact 

Last thing I need to share doesn't leave your application in the wake of propelling! Continue refreshing it routinely by including energizing new highlights and settling bugs assuming any. React to client remarks and surveys. It gives individual touch and they will begin contemplating them. It will expand the client maintenance and thus the development of your application..!

I for one have been executing these standards in my application since the thought rung a bell. At last I prevailing being developed of a decent android diversion (or possibly I suspect as much!). Be that as it may, as I said prior, my prosperity relies upon how you react to it! I am sharing the connection for amusement in the event that on the off chance that you are keen on looking at my diversion. If it's not too much trouble let me know how you discover it by checking on it on Google play store!

Latest Android Studio 2.3

Android Studio a pair of.3 is out there to transfer nowadays. the main target for this unharness is quality enhancements across the IDE. we tend to square measure grateful for all of your feedback to date. we tend to square measure committed to continued to take a position in creating golem Studio quick & seamless for the innumerable golem app developers across the planet.

We square measure most excited regarding the standard enhancements in golem Studio a pair of.3 however you'll notice atiny low set of recent options during this unharness that integrate into every section of your development flow. once planning your app, profit of the updated WebP support for your app pictures and examine the updated ConstraintLayout library support and contraption palette within the Layout Editor. As you're developing, golem Studio encompasses a new App Link Assistant that helps you build and have a consolidated read of your URIs in your app. whereas building and deploying your app, use the updated run buttons for a additional intuitive and reliable Instant Run expertise. Lastly, whereas testing your app with the golem imitator, you currently have correct copy & paste text support.

For additional detail regarding the options we tend to accessorial on high of the standard enhancements golem Studio a pair of.3, examine the list of the new options below:


Instant Run enhancements and UI Changes: As a region of our concentrate on quality, we've got created some vital changes to Instant Run in golem Studio a pair of.3 to form the feature additional reliable. The Run action can currently perpetually cause associate application restart to replicate changes in your code that will need a restart, and therefore the new Apply Changes action can commit to swap the code whereas your app keeps running. The underlying implementation has modified considerably to boost on dependability, and that we have additionally eliminated the startup lag for immediate Run enabled apps. Learn more.

Build Cache: Introduced however disabled by default in golem Studio a pair of.2, Build Cache is associate underlying build optimisation for quicker builds in golem Studio. By caching exploded AARs and pre-dexed external libraries, the new build cached results in quicker clean builds. this can be a user-wide build cache that's currently turned on by default with golem Studio a pair of.3. Learn more.


Chains and Ratios support in Constraint Layout: golem Studio a pair of.3 includes the stable unharness of ConstraintLayout With this unharness of ConstraintLayout, you'll be able to currently chain 2 or additional golem views bi-directionally along to create a bunch on one dimension. this can be useful once you need once you need to put 2 views close however need to unfold them across empty house.

ConstraintLayout additionally supports ratios, that is useful once you need to take care of the ratio of contraption because the containing layout expands and contracts. Learn additional regarding ratios. to boot, each Chains and Ratios in ConstraintLayout will support programmatic making with ConstraintSet genus Apis.

Layout Editor Palette: The updated contraption palette within the Layout Editor permits you to look, kind and filter to seek out widgets for your layouts, and provides you a preview of the contraption before dragging on to the planning surface. Learn more.

Layout Favorites:
you'll be able to currently save your favorite attributes per contraption within the updated Layout Editor properties panel. merely star associate attribute within the advanced panel and it'll seem below the Favorites section.

WebP Support: to assist you save house in your APK, golem Studio will currently generate WebP pictures from PNG assets in your project. The WebP lossless format is up to twenty fifth smaller than a PNG. With golem Studio a pair of.3, you've got a replacement wizard that converts PNG to lossless WebP and additionally permits you to examine lossy WebP cryptography furthermore. Right-click on any non-launcher PNG file to convert to WebP. And if you wish to edit the image, you'll be able to additionally right-click on any WebP enter your project to convert back to PNG.


Lint Baseline: With golem Studio a pair of.3, you'll be able to set unresolved lint warnings as a baseline in your project. From that time forward, Lint can report solely new problems. this can be useful if you've got several inheritance lint problems in your app, however simply need to concentrate on fixing new problems.


golem imitator Copy & Paste: Back by common demand, we tend to accessorial back the Copy & Paste feature to the most recent imitator (v25.3.1). we've got a shared writing board between the golem imitator and host software system, which can enable you to repeat text between each environments. Copy & Paste works with x86 Google API imitator system pictures API Level nineteen (Android four.4 - Kitkat) and better.

Android Studio 2.3 download

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Best Few Tips for Beginning Android Development

The number of tips is actually 9 so I could have called this "8 Tips for Android Development", but I solve there were already enough articles with that catchy title. 


Here are assortment of tips from my own mastery up to this point with mechanical man improvement. the amount of tips is truly 10, therefore I may have alluded to as this "Ten Hints for mechanical man Advancement", nonetheless, I designed there have been now enough articles immediately infectious title. that rings a ringer in my memory recently entertainer saint Carlin: 

I have a drag with the Ten Edicts. Here it is: The reason ar there ten?...Why not 9, or eleven? I will reveal to you why. because of 10 sounds fundamental. 10 sounds official. They knew whether they attempted eleven, people would not consider them important. people would state, "What're you kiddin' me? The Eleven Edicts? Get the f*** outta here!" 

Alright, as of now that I opened with a joke, how about we get into a considerable measure of genuine stuff...

1. option of IDE 

The majority of the mechanical man improvement is engaged around Overshadowing, however I coded a few applications exploitation IntelliJ Thought's People group Release with none downside. By and by, I couldn't care less inexhaustibly concerning Overshadowing's UI intuitive interface. that is something, in any case, breathtaking. much more work must be done here. 

2. Produce for the bounty 

All people might essentially want to utilize the latest mechanical man variant with all the cool new stuff. unfortunately, the mechanical man cell phones available don't accurately take after the speed of authority adaptation discharges. in this manner before plunging into committal to composing, do a preparatory check. a partner application composed for the more established renditions works with the more up to date ones, in any case, the switch is in reality not genuine. Now, variant 2.3 (Gingerbread) remains the overwhelming one. in this manner you may need to go to a brief time before gnawing into relate frozen yogurt sandwich. 

3. Disregard the copycat, get the imperative Arrangement 

Disregard the copycat. It's agonizingly moderate, and you can just test a set number of things on it. I utilize it just to test how my applications look like on greater screen sizes, and that is about it. In this way, on the off chance that you need to spare time, utilize a genuine gadget associated by means of USB. I'd say you really require two gadgets since chances are, you'll need to test things like SMS, Bluetooth, and whatever else expecting gadget to-gadget correspondence. Stunningly better if your second gadget has an alternate screen measure. The more unique the gadgets, the better you can test your application. 

4. Try not to like XML? Too awful 

The greater part of Android's UI depends on XML, which caused the vast majority of my underlying cerebral pains when I began. Despite the fact that there are a few apparatuses that can help you with a few parts of the UI, similar to Activity Bar generators, (for example, the Sherlock, or the one from Johan Nilsson on Github), I am not mindful of an entire GUI manufacturer as of now, that would do all the low-level work and not be a Flawed deliberation . All the visual altering instruments I tried were carriage or deficient. In the event that you happen to know a good one, please let us XML-attentive people know. 

5. Utilize particular UI structure 

The measure of XML expected to fabricate a good UI can move toward becoming quickly...daunting. In this manner, fabricate segments for reuse between various designs as much as you can, utilizing incorporates and parts. Sections were presented in adaptation 3.0, however you can download bolster libraries on the off chance that you are creating for prior forms. 

6. You require a Creator 

Or, on the other hand you have to end up plainly one yourself. There are a couple of online offices for adding basic GUI components to your application, similar to the Android Resource Studio, however in the event that that is insufficient, you'll have to outline your own, adjusting for various screen forces. Make sure to likewise read the official Android Outline rules. 

7. Utilize Android-particular arrangements where pertinent 

The Android-particular determination is now and then less muddled or potentially yields higher execution. Taking multi-threading and nonconcurrent process as the partner illustration, consider utilizing partner IntentService or AsyncTask before gazing at the java.util.the simultaneous bundle, however now and again, the last may at last be the because of going. 

8. Google remains your companion 

Despite the fact that the quantity of documentation on the mechanical man engineer official site is serious, it's normally snappier to simply google what you are searching for. As a solid case, here's an outcome look on erasing SMS messages on landing in StackOverflow that offers a great deal of bits of knowledge than the official docs. 

9. keep an eye out for Supernatural occurrence Apparatuses 

Without specifying a specific one, be wary typically of stock that phony to ease cell phone advancement no matter how you look at it (Android, iOS and Blackberry Edge, all at the consistent time). I'm not discourse correspondence they're all stone, be that as it may, take care to check them at first by building up a clear in any case essential application and convey it on every one of them. each show should show up as though a local application subsequently OS. indeed in case you're exclusively building up an online application for cell phones, you might want not be excessively required by this. 

10. All sensible bundle rehearses still apply 

Test widely (utilizing Monkey, for instance), style for i18N and limitation, utilize style Examples and so forth.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How did you learn Android development?

It is generally a bad idea to present yourself as an [X] developer (where [X] is a technology of your choice). Likewise, job offers that search for "[X] Developers" are usually the first offers I dismiss.  

The main quality of all first level developers I know is that they master the main tests of the job, such as 

  • understanding architecture
  • quickly understanding a problem domain
  • edge thinking  
  • how to work with the team
  • how to gather knowledge
  • how to create APIs

With this in mind, learning a selected technology isn't difficult, however, will still be terribly time overwhelming. therefore however sensible of associate degree investment is it to pay some time learning Android?

TL;DR: I feel it's a decent plan to find out the mechanical man at now. it's well-liked and exhausting to kill.

If you wish to make applications for the overall public, their area unit presently solely 2 massive cross-platform consumer technologies that area unit each highly regarded and area unit gaining in market share. One is that the online stack (HTML/CSS/Javascript etc), the opposite is the mechanical man.

learn Android development

Like the net, mechanical man isn't created for a selected device, or a selected style of device, or a selected package atmosphere for devices. a mechanical man may be a toolkit that firms will use to create package environments. 

Android isn't closely-held or controlled by one company, and it's open supply and unengaged to use by anyone UN agency desires to create a code. A modification in strategy for Google can most likely not kill the platform. A (theoretical) downfall of the smartphone in favor of one thing totally different can most likely not kill the platform.

There area unit presently many totally different device package systems that area unit supported mechanical man. From HTC Sense to Samsung's Nature UI to Facebook Home. The platform is employed for lots additional drawback domains that simply "smartphone apps", or "tablet apps". therefore it's a fairly sensible bet that the platform is going to be around for several additional years to come back.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The Technologies Used for Developing Mobile Apps

There are number of Mobile app development Technologies are today in the trending Mobile App technologies such as

Back-end servers development tools list

1. Altova Mobile Together Server
2. Serving Higher Ed Admissions, Scheduling & more!
API Express
3. IBM MobileFirst Server
4. WebORB Integration Server

Best Front-end development tools list

1. Accelerator
2. Altova MobileTogether
3. Android
4. Appception
5. Ios Sdk and so on
6. Java ME
7. Mendix

A clear truth is that The Trending mobiles app makes for the Android and iOS Operating system in 2017

For developing Hybrid Apps (Web apps) here considered software & technologies would be enough:

1. Eclipse IDE --> For Android Development
2.   Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) --> mobile application development framework.
3 or XCode (Mac) --> For iOS development.

4.   HTML, CSS, & Javascript experience is must build hybrid mobile applications. 
5.  Node.js  (Cordova Command line interface tool) --> The request line tool is required to build, deploy and manage Cordova-based applications.  This tool will support you manage, the multi-platform Cordova applications as well as Cordova plugin integration.
6. Genymotion (optional) --> I individually suggest it as the default android emulator is too slow and this one is too fast (must for serious app developers).
The aforementioned software & technologies should be enough for anyone to develop hybrid mobile applications !!

Here are the primary technologies you should be familiar with to produce a mobile app -

1. The Programming languages - For Android and iOS development you should have strong command in Java, Swift, Objective-C and some understanding of HTML, CSS, C, C++ may be required. For database command,  knowledge of SQL or any database language is needed.

2. Development Tools - Some of the majorly manage tools for better mobile apps are PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Telerik. If you want to improve a small app with a few characters, you can also use DIY mobile app development tools.

3. App Design - To design app, you can use the tools like Marvel, Invision, Sketch Paper etc which produce drag and drop tools to ease the designing process. You can also use the pre-made PSD's or sketches to design the UI elements.

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